Children's Dentistry

Dentistry For Children

Laying The Foundation For Bright And Healthy Smiles

Your child’s oral health is precious, and a key factor in their overall well-being. When it comes to your little ones, it is only natural to want the finest quality of treatment and comfort. At Mahimaa Dental Care, we assure just that. From habit counselling to monitoring their overall Dental development, our panel of well-established Pediatric Dentists ensure your child’s journey to perfect oral health is a happy and memorable one.

We understand that children tend to associate Dental visits with feelings of fear and anxiety. Therefore, we carefully curate every step of our approach to guarantee a wholesome and positive experience for your child. We emphasis preventative and proactive dentistry so that your child does not have to undergo any major dental work in the future.


Readjusting Our Approach

Tending to a child is drastically different from treating an adult. Children come with their own set of apprehensions which we take into account. Our Dentists and staff are trained to break the ice with each child, assuring they are at ease before we begin their check-up or treatment. We start by assessing the children’s cooperation level on that day, incorporate creative solutions like storytelling to engage them, and work towards making their visit as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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