Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine covers a variety of treatments relating to Dental treatment procedures and sleep-related disorders, including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Anti-snoring Treatment

Snoring is a harsh sound that occurs when the airflow passes the soft relaxing tissue in your mouth, causing the tissues to vibrate when you breathe. Snoring is a common phenomenon; nearly everyone snores now and then. For some people, snoring can be a chronic problem. However, snoring can indicate some serious problems and is most disturbing to a bed partner or roommate. 

Changing habits, obesity, nasal obstruction, alcohol, and smoking can also increase the risk of snoring. 


Many individuals aren’t aware that Dentists treat snoring, and very often, we prescribe a unique tooth appliance that prevents the airways from collapsing during sleep. At Mahimaa Dental Care, we treat patients with Holistic approach that improves the quality of life. Therefore we can recommend a range of solutions to best suit to treat your snoring. 

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