What are Dentures?

A denture is an artificial teeth and gums made exactly to one’s measured size and are replaced in the place of missing teeth. Dentures are mainly used among elders to fix their problem of missing teeth due to their ageing. In other terms, the denture is an artificial device that are made to replace missing teeth with the support of surrounding tissues in the mouth.

There are many kinds of dentures, which fix various oral problems. But the most commonly used dentures are fixed bridge dentures, partial dentures, complete dentures and dental implants. These dentures are custom made with a patient’s upper or lower jaw in respective to their condition.

The procedure of Dentures:

Our surgeons will conduct a clear examination of your oral cavity and will advise you in case of any removal of teeth. They will clearly explain why the particular teeth have to be removed and will move forward to take the impression of your oral cavity that will need a denture. After removing the teeth, you will have to wait for a few weeks or months relative to the speed of your healing gums.

Right after successful healing of your gums, our surgeon will instruct you on how to fit your denture and the details regarding how to take care of your new teeth. You can also ask for immediate dentures, where your dentists will measure, shape and colour your dentures immediately and make required adjustments after fitting the immediate dentures.

Must-Know Caring Tips:

In the initial stage, you may feel sensitive and uneasy to go on with your daily routines like eating and speaking. With enough practice, you will adopt yourself and will find it easy to remove and fit in your dentures to your liking.

A regular wash or cleaning of your dentures will expand its viability. Removing your dentures at night may also increase their viability and will help you with a comfortable sleep. Last and most needed advice, continuing your regular checkups with our dentists may allow you to have a healthy oral cavity and well-conditioned dentures. Trust us and receive our quality services along with our utmost care.

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