Pulp Extirpation

Pulp Extirpation

Pulp Extirpation is the process of removing the tooth’s pulp as part of the root canal treatment. During this procedure, the pulp and inner affected tooth are removed and cleaned from the affected tooth.

We at Mahima Dental clinic have performed thousands of pulp extirpation procedures over the past years and have a proven track record of helping many patients’ teeth from extraction.

Why do you need pulp extirpation?

If you have a toothache, it’s probably that your tooth pulp has been affected. The tooth pulp is a soft, innermost part of the tooth that holds the blood vessels, lymph nodes, and nerves.  These parts of the tooth are probably never seen because they are protected by a harder outer shell. However, it doesn’t mean that pulp can’t be affected. If it becomes infected or damaged, it causes a lot of pain, and the damage is severe, your dentist will have to do pulp extirpation.

Cause of Pulp Extirpation


Aftercare Procedure

Root Canal Treatment & Temporary Crown

Root Canal Treatment & Permanent Crown


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