Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth as the alternative for Dental implants and Dentures.  A Dental bridge is often combined with two or more crowns placed on the existing tooth or implanted tooth. In order to improve the ability to smile, speak and eat.

Advantages of Dental Bridges


Usually, it takes more than one visit to secure your Dental bridges.

We then take the impression of your teeth and send it laboratory to make Dental bridges. For the meantime, you will be placed with temporary Dental bridges to protect your exposed teeth.

Once the Dental bridges are ready, our Dentist will remove the temporary crown and fit the prepared permanent crown with high-tech cement. Sometimes the bridge is permanently fixed during the procedure. Other times, our Dentist may opt for a temporary cement so that you can take time to be sure that bridges fit perfectly before it’s made permanent.

Aftercare Procedure

The teeth underneath the bridges are extremely vulnerable to decay and plaque. Therefore following good Dental hygiene is extremely important. Brush and floss twice a day. Use soft bristle toothbrushes. Avoid hard and sticky foods like toffee, candy, popcorn, etc.

Losing a tooth is a serious problem. When a tooth is missing, your bone begins to shrink and changes the structure of your face. So, we suggest you contact us immediately to get treated.

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