Worn Teeth

Worn Teeth

As you age, it’s natural for your tooth enamel to wear down. An average adult of age (26-30) might have lost millimeters of teeth caused due to chewing and drinking, and it is completely normal. However, if you are experiencing excess wear beyond what is considered normal. This can lead to several problems such as tooth sensitivity, yellowed teeth, unattractive smiles, etc.  Therefore it’s best advised to consult a Dentist sooner rather than later.


Worn teeth can be caused by Attrition, Abrasion, or Erosion.


Teeth attrition is referred to as the wear of teeth enamel due to excessive grinding or clenching.


Abrasion is another type of tooth wear that is caused by behavioral habits such as brushing, biting fingernails, and wearing oral jewelry.


This is one of the common types of wearing that occurs when the teeth are dissolved through acid erosion caused by acidic foods and drinks or patients with conditions like acid reflux.


Worn teeth can be cured. We at Mahimaa Dental bring you a wide range of treatments such as Dental implants, crowns and veneers, and Dental composite that help you protect your teeth from attrition, abrasion, and erosion. Schedule your appointment today.


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